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Why Eating Ripe Bananas Make You ...

Have you ever been in a low mood, depressed, and unhappy with the way things are? Many of us experience this as we endeavor to meet daily objectives. Clicking the pay button to pay your credit card and other bills, paying taxes at the end of the tax period etc. If unchecked, it can deteriorate to .

How to Deal with High Blood ...

High Blood Pressure (HBP) is a condition where a person’s blood pressure is consistently high. Blood is pumped by the heart through the arteries to other parts of the body; the pressure of the blood depends on the amount of blood pumped and the size of the arterial lumen. There are variations in the blood .

2 Ingredient Healthy Banana ...

Hi guys! My name is Kym, i blog primarily on “Live, Love, Laugh, Lift” but you’ll see me here from time to time. Thank you to the LHW family for having me! If you’re anything like me, you prefer quick and easy recipes. Less than 10 ingredients? Perfect. 2 ingredients? Even better! Technically mine has 4 .

Top 10 Foods High in Antioxidants

Antioxidants are your body’s defense against aging, sickness and disease. They do so by protecting DNA damage caused by free radicals like pollution, fast food, stress etc. Why is it important to protect our DNA? We are made up of trillion and trillions of cells. Every cell contains DNA. Damaged DNA will replicate itself to .

Flu Season is here! Are you ...

What will cure my cold? Sad to say… but there is no cure for the common cold or flu. Why is there no cure? What is the doctor giving me to “cure” my flu? How do I increase the chance of winning the flu battle? What is the difference between the flu and common cold? .

Which diet works best for me?

Atkins diet, Mediterranean diet, Paleo, Vegan diet, South Beach diet… etc. There are countless diets out there. Which one works best for you? Whichever one you are on right now,  looking at the glycemic index of the foods you eat will definitely give you a boost in loosing a couple pounds and becoming healthier! Foods with .